Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I’ve lost track of the original words that precede this scribbling but it was private and it should probably remain that way.  The sentiment that follows is an echo of the run-around in my head I enjoyed so much. 

It starts with
2 points
on a circle:

Woman rounds bend
Chasing man
Until woman; I am she
Catches him.

Circle of love
1 is a son
2 is a son too
3 is a daughter I name after me.

1 stretches  me;
2 baffles me;
3 puzzles me even more.

1 leads the way;
2 embarks too;
3 brings us all back together again.

In a circle
No one leads
Unless someone says, “Catch me;
You’re it.”

To Man and Superman, GBS, you're it.  Thank you.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Note to reader:  The information put forthwith in this post are solely based on my limited understanding of what Professor Marx told me in class today ONLY if I managed to write down fast enough the slew of information he shared and got it right.  You may, should you choose to comment on my blog, tell me I am 100% wrong.  Then you, my dear reader, will be my teacher too.

At the near end of my first Geology class, my teacher Joe Marx explained Geology’s relatively new acceptance as a serious science by today’s standards.  The study of rocks being more than the evidence for creation-based observations began around the start of the 18th century, give or take a few years depending on what country of origin you are from.  The reason being is when people stopped seeing rocks in an absolute way and  allowed for singular events like meteors hitting the earth to shake things up a bit, scientists began to take an interest in the many stories that those little and big pieces of metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rocks have to tell us.

And at the very end of class today, my teacher digressed a bit and talked about the end of the planet as we know it.  Now mind you, I spent the entire time wide-eyed and mystified by what he said because my knowledge of rocks is based on throwing them in the water and counting the rings they make.   When he said, “the planet will end when the sun blows out and engulfs the earth,” he lifted his hands up, cupped his fingers as if holding a ball, and moved them outward in the air to show the sun grow the VERY SAME WAY my son Tommy did at dinner Tuesday night when he explained how the sun’s crust will turn red, expand and gobble up the earth.

It’s a sign I’m meant to take Geology and start looking at the environment in a whole new way.  And  I can’t wait to begin.

Monday, January 7, 2013


I hate to admit it but the following is even too painful for me to read!


Saturday I took my first hike of the year with my family along the Billy Goat A Trail at Great Falls, MD.  Billy Goat A comes with lots of warning signs - Don't Swim, Don't Jump, Don't Bring Your Dog. But what they really need to post is a picture of the human musculoskeletal system with a list of possible injuries to beware.  So here's what I learned about this human body while hiking along last Saturday:

Hammer toes slip

Ankles twist

Meniscus tears groan

Adductor pulls

L-1 shifts

Deltoids cringe

And I am not alone with vintage injuries.  Eric discovered since straining the big phalange on his right foot and tearing the flexor digitorum longus tendon on his left foot, he's a bit slower too.